Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Goals

Noone makes New Years Resolutions like Bridget Jones.  Here is her list:
Stop smoking.
Stop drinking.
Find inner poise.
Go to the gym three times a week.
Don't flirt with boss.
Reduce thighs.
Learn to love thighs.
Forget about thighs.
Stop making lists.

I don't know about you, but I don't like New Year's resolutions.  They seem unattainable and doomed for failure.  But, goals feel positive and attainable.  So, here are my New Year's goals, when it comes to food. 

1.  Bake bread from scratch...several times. *gulp* I think I can do it, it's not that difficult, right?!
2.  Start Thursday Thrift posts around here.  I LOVE anything vintage, most notably mid-century pieces.  I have amassed a decent collection and I'd like to share it with you.
3.  Get a little more 'fancy' with my dinner menus.  Let me assure you, fancy does not mean, foie gras and duck confit (even though, I'm sure those are good).  What I mean is, I want to veer away from casseroles and taco Tuesday every once in a while.  ;0) 
4.  Serve more vegetables.  Ok, I'm going to be honest.  I don't like vegetables.  The only things I eat on a regular basis are carrots and corn.  And, let's face it, corn isn't a vegetable.  I do choke down green beans fairly often (and I hide my dislike for the kids sake), but I need to get more creative with the veggies.  My preparation consists of: steam, salt, pepper, butter...repeat. I mean, can a lady get some yummy bacon with her brussel sprouts every once in a while!  ha!

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