Monday, September 19, 2011

The Great Minnesota Get Together!!!

The Minnesota State Fair is the best part of my summer.  It makes life feel simple.  Here's what I love about the Fair: the 4H-ers that have spent months taking care of animals, the Fine Art Building, the Creative Arts building (which of course includes the baked goods), the winning ribbons, and even walking around the sprawling grounds with hundreds of thousands of people.  There's nothing like it, really.  It's a magical experience.

Of course, The Fair would not be complete without all that amazing food!  My all time favorite is the Corn Roast! They roast whole ears of corn in the husks, then shuck them, and dip the enitire cob in a vat of melted butter!  It does not get any better.  So amazingly simple and good.  Unfortunatley, I was a bad food blogger and didn't get a picture of it. Shame on me.  :)
Never fear, I did get pictures of lots of other fair food.  I even stepped out of my introverted self and asked a couple of people to take pictures of their food. Shocking, I know. 
So without further adieu...Fair Food Fesitvus 2011.  Festivus? I don't think I used that word correctly, is it even a word?!

Big Ol' Bucket of Sweet Martha's Cookies-Warm from the Oven!
Deep Fried Oreos-the BEST (second only to the Corn Roast)!

Deep Fried Reese's PB Cup

Fresh Cut French Fries
Pina Colada-in a pineapple, Genius!

This year there was a group of us, normally it's just me and the Self-Professed Nerd, so we got to try a lot more food!  In addition to the food above, I ate/tried a gyro, Minne-apple pie (deep fried pies), pizza, hamburgers, and cheese curds.  Ok, that sounds like a ton of food.  But, we were there for 2 days and there were 6 adults and 2 kids.  Whew, at least I have an excuse.  



Teresa said...


The food, people watching and entertainment are amazing. I love going with people you can share food with. Because while I like cheese curds, I don't want to eat a whole container, ya know? Now, the Fresh French Fries are a different story! I can eat a whole container! Delish!!

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